Supplements for joints are a good addition to the elderly – both adults and dogs. Everyday life when age starts to set in and muscles begin to weaken makes certain movements more and more difficult.


Just age

With your dog the first thing an owner needs to do is educate themselves on how to help alleviate these symptoms in their aging pet. It is advised to also talk to the family vet before giving any types of supplements or other medications to your dog so that the vet can check to see if the pet has a more serious problem or if indeed it is just age.


Often you will find that dog mobility is not a problem with joints but can be the result of the dog being obese or overweight. The solution for this is to make dietary changes and see that the dog gets more playtimes with exercise in order to get the dogs weight back to normal. Most vets advise that a dog’s food should not have food coloring or preservatives and usually the vet will advise what food your dog should be on.


If your vet agrees the pet is suffering from joint problem or arthritis, then there are a number of supplements that can help with this discomfort. One dog supplement that can be purchased is glucosamine supplements as research has shown that it does help maintain the cartilage structure. One of the most popular glucosamine supplement is Cosequin DS for dogs.

Chondroitin sulfate

Also if your vet agrees there is another supplement containing chondroitin sulfate that draws water into cartilage providing additional lubrication.

Holistic treatments

There are holistic treatments with herbs that may also be used as the treatment for any problems to relieve any pain and also helps the body get rid of excess waste. These herbs are licorice, burdock, alfalfa, shepherd’s purse and yucca extract.

Long-term Expense

Just as with your children, another good way to make sure your dog is healthy is to take the dog to the vet when something strange shows up. Many people do not do this nor realize that a dog is a long-term expense just like your kids.


Another good supplement is multivitamins that gets nutrition to your dog that they might not get from their food. Vitamins help with the coat and the skin of the animal. There are several versions which might be fed by hand to the animal or mixed in with the food.

Help with Weight

So, basically it is good when you help your dog maintains a healthy weight, as well as healthy joints. Also regular vet visit are a good idea to catch any problems before they develop something more serious.

Long term investment

Again, you need to remember that a dog is a long term investment and if you do not feel that way perhaps you shouldn’t buy a dog. They are a part of your family just like children are. The only difference is you don’t have to pay for college for your dog.

Addition to family

Dogs add so much to a family – they keep watch over the children when they are outside and are good watch dogs when anything happens at night when the family is asleep. So take care of your dog and friend and give them supplements when necessary.